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Welcome to Mosaic Admissions’ new web site!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Welcome to Mosaic Admissions’ new web site!  I’m very proud to share this site with you, and am confident that it will enable you to learn more about Mosaic Admissions and what sets us apart.  Our company motto is “You are unique.  Make sure your dream school knows it.”  Well, this new site will hopefully convey to you what makes Mosaic Admissions unique, and how we can help you to not only manage the college application process, but also to enjoy it as well.

The college admissions landscape has changed significantly in the past decade, and continues to do so.  Believe it or not, some colleges are now accepting and encouraging YouTube videos as part of a student’s application!  Tufts University is the most notable example of this trend.  Check out The New York Times article below and read about how students are differentiating themselves the high-tech way:

While this may seem to be unconventional, and even a bit gimmicky, I think it’s an interesting approach.  After all, admissions officers try to learn everything they can about applicants, and YouTube videos allow applicants to shine in a unique way.  As long as videos are used in conjunction with the more traditional application elements (essays, test scores, grade point average, recommendations) I think it can only breathe new life into the application process.

Finally, I’d like to brag a bit about one of Mosaic’s Advisory Board members, Anthony Priest, who wrote a wonderfully insightful and revealing article about his experiences as a high school math teacher in urban Washington,. D.C.  Feel free to read the article in the December 2009 issue of the Harvard Business School Alumni Bulletin:

-Sarah Tierney, President

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