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Freshman Year: The Rite of Passage

As the academic year begins at many colleges and universities, parents and their children are experiencing the emotional rollercoaster that typically defines the freshman year.  It’s hard for most parents to see their child leave home and venture into the unknown, and it’s hard for most teenagers to leave what is safe and secure.  If you’re a college freshman and feeling overwhelmed, rest assured that this is a normal response to a seismic shift in your life.  When I was a freshman at Harvard, I had a difficult time adjusting to my new environment.  There I was, attending my “dream school,” and I should have been ecstatic and inspired, right?  Unfortunately, everyone seemed infinitely smarter than me, more worldly, and more polished, and I questioned why Harvard admitted me in the first place!  Eventually I made friends, contributed to the Harvard community, and realized that I was there for a reason.  I always advise my clients to allow plenty of time to adjust to college before they conclude that their school isn’t the right fit for them.  Sometimes it takes a few months or even a year to find your niche.  Remember, the freshman year is a rite of passage that is often stressful, but it’s a critical step in the transition from child to adult. 

For parents who are suffering the pangs of “empty-nesthood,” you aren’t alone!  Feel free to read the following amusing article from The Denver Post:

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